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AFAIK, basically a unit 32767 is created implicitly when "vlan-tagging"
is enabled to pass untagged control traffic (like STP, LACP ... etc).
When a unit with vlan-id 0 is configured, this unit itself is used to
send the control traffic. So the unit 32767 then gets deleted.

ge-1/1/0                up    up
ge-1/1/0.1              up    up   inet
ge-1/1/0.2              up    up   inet
ge-1/1/0.32767          up    up

 root at Sulfur# show | compare
[edit interfaces ge-1/1/0]
+    unit 0 {
+        vlan-id 0;
+    }

lab at Sulfur> show interfaces terse | match ge-1/1/0
ge-1/1/0                up    up
ge-1/1/0.0              up    up
ge-1/1/0.1              up    up   inet
ge-1/1/0.2              up    up   inet

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Tarique A. Nalkhande

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do you know what is the meaning of vlan-id 0?
According to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1Q
"VLAN Identifier (VID): a 12-bit field specifying the VLAN to which the
frame belongs. A value of 0 means that the frame doesn't belong to any
VLAN; in this case the 802.1Q tag specifies only a priority and is
referred to as a priority tag"

How would I match this Juniper config:

show configuration interfaces ge-0/0/0 
unit 0 {
    vlan-id 0;
    family inet {

on a cisco device on the other end of the cable where vlan starts from

r2(config-subif)#encapsulation dot1Q ?
  <1-4094>  IEEE 802.1Q VLAN ID required


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