[j-nsp] Frame-relay Switching on J-Series

Alex alex.arseniev at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 03:22:10 EDT 2009

Hi Hoogen,
You can accomplish this on J-series with legacy JUNOS (not JUNOS-ES/Enhanced 
Services!). Use CCC and "interface-switch" feature
This link is for CCC on JUNOS for M/T/MX-series but legacy JUNOS for 
J-series works the same way. Don't forget to enable "protocols mpls 
interface <whatever>".

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> Hi Guys,
> I have a lab that I am trying to setup, some basics here. I would like to
> setup a J-Series to act like a Frame-relay switch. Could anyone direct me 
> to
> some configurations? I am using T1 ports here and would like to get some 
> p2p
> and p2m configurations. So some configurations would definitely help.
> Thanks,
> Hoogen
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