[j-nsp] IPV6 over PPP with radius

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Tue Mar 3 07:49:00 EST 2009

On 25-Feb-2009, at 02:44, fighter worker wrote:

> iam trying to implement IPV6 over PPPOE and i need to know if there  
> is any
> modification to the PPPOE protocol

So long as both ends are capable of IPv6CP, and you have a strategy  
for distributing addressing information to both sides (e.g. ND/RA,  
DHCPv6, static configuration).

In my experience the hardest part of setting this stuff up is making  
the RADIUS server understand the appropriate data types. And even  
that's not very hard.

Both IOS and JUNOSe LNS' support address assignment to ND/RA/DHCPv6  
clients based on attributes obtained from RADIUS, and also from local  

It'd be handy if someone would write up exactly what they had to do to  
turn on v6 for wholesale broadband users, I think; that would have  
saved me some pain when I was setting this stuff up. Perhaps I'll do  
that when I have a spare day.


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