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On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 9:45 PM, Brendan Mannella
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> Wondering what the best/preferred method of capturing network traffic for analysis is. Using a mirrored port or actually sending the flows directly to a collector. Looking for pros and cons of each approach.
> Also if you can give me some examples of whats used as a collector. I have been looking at ntop on the open source side and inmon traffic sentinel on the commercial side.

The best/preferred method is to use both methods, if you can :)
Sending flows directly to a collector definately has it's benefits -
it usually scales a lot better and there are many tools out there that
provide for excellent statistical analysis using sampling ratios as
low as 1/100 or even 1/1000 - however unless your using some of the
latest flow collection mechanisms, like Netflow v9 coupled with
templates, most flow collection mechanisms are relegated to strictly
Layer 3 and Layer 4 data.  Often times this provides more than enough
data, especially when dealing with your general run of the mill
SYN/UDP/ICMP DoS flooding attacks.  However, other times Layer 3/4
data just simply doesn't provide enough usable information for the
network operator to properly understand what is happening on the
network.  This is where having a box running tcpdump sitting on a
mirrored or span'd port comes in handy.  Usually, most operators rely
on their flow analysis tools to trigger some type of alert based on
statistical analysis of baseline activity to inform them of an anomaly
which requires more active investigation.  From there, the network
operator can run tcpdump or their tool of choice in order to more
fully understand the nature of the traffic.  The point is there are no
golden arrows or singular technology which is going to provide you
with what you need, and you are going to want to have a wide variety
of tools in your arsenal.

In terms of commercial applications for Netflow collection and
analysis - if you're only dealing with a small number of flows,
something like Netflow Analyzer by Manage Engine or even Orion from
Solarwinds would probably do.  If you are dealing with a large number
of flows throughout your network and need intelligent functions like
data de-duplication and factoring of things like the sampling ratio in
use on your devices then opt for something like Peakflow X or SP from


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