[j-nsp] ispf support on Juniper routers

Stefan Fouant sfouant at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 06:21:44 EST 2009

Yes it does.  Jeff Doyle speaks of this in his book 'OSPF vs. IS-IS'.
I am mobile right now and don't have my book here for reference, but
IIRC Juniper supports incremental SPF runs when the additions to a
given node are stub networks only. Harry
Reynolds and many other knowledgeable folks are on this list - I'm
sure they will correct me if I am wrong.

On 3/5/09, Andrew Jimmy <good1 at live.com> wrote:
> Does Juniper router support ispf feature so that router only recalculate a
> portion of the Shortest Path Tree when receive local link state
> advertisements
> Cisco
> router ospf 1
> ispf
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