[j-nsp] EX routed VLAN counters and other issues

Richard Halfpenny richard.halfpenny at exa-networks.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 04:15:19 EST 2009

will at loopfree.net wrote:
>  I have been eval'ing an EX3200 for use as a small datacenter
>  distribution switch. The idea was to have a routed uplink to a bigger
>  router and routed VLANs to handoff to customers, using the EX as a
>  cheap router with a bunch of gig-e ports.
>  It appears that the switch doesn't consistently count traffic on the
>  RVI interfaces -- in a test enivronment with a routed VLAN uplink
>  and a separate routed VLAN to a customer, one of the RVIs counts
>  transit traffic while the other counts traffic to the local IP only
>  (IP actually on the switch interface).
>  So I can send a few Mbit/s through the EX and the "uplink" vlan will
>  count the traffic but the "customer" vlan sits near 0 bytes/packets.
>  Not very useful for billing customers! (Collecting data on physical
>  ports works until you have a customer with 2 ports and you don't
>  want to bill for local switched traffic, or if you are running a vlan
>  trunk to another L2 switch and need to count traffic per-vlan).

I've yet to get my hands on an EX to eval (we mostly run M series) but I 
would assume you could apply firewall filters for input/output to the 
RVI with a term that just has "accept" in it and then pull the counters 
for those via SNMP?



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