[j-nsp] Interface @ ERX

Nitin Vig nitinvig at juniper.net
Tue Mar 17 01:44:01 EDT 2009

MOGAMBO#sh ip int show-virtual-router 
     Interface           IP-Address        Status    Protocol     Router
-------------------- ------------------- ---------- -----------
null0        up         up          default

FastEthernet6/0     up         up          default

null0        up         up          lac

loopback0           up         up          lac

ATM0/2.101           up         up          lac

null0        up         up          cl1

loopback0          up         up          cl1

ATM0/0.100           Unnumbered          down       down        cl1

null0        up         up          ce1

ATM0/0.10            up         up          ce1

null0        up         up          pe1

loopback0        up         up          pe1

ip19000002.mpls.ip   Unnumbered          up         up          pe1

ATM0/0.20            up         up          pe1

null0        up         up          p

loopback0    up         up          p

ATM0/1.20            up         up          p

ip19000003.mpls.ip   Unnumbered          up         up          p

ATM0/0.30            up         up          p

ip19000004.mpls.ip   Unnumbered          up         up          p

null0        up         up          pe2

loopback0        up         up          pe2

ATM0/1.30            up         up          pe2

ip19000005.mpls.ip   Unnumbered          up         up          pe2

null0        up         up          ce2

ATM0/1.40            up         up          ce2


-- Nitin
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Does someone know how to check which interface is associated with which
virtual-router? It's a pain to go in each vir and check for associated
interface. any command that works from any vir!!!

Vikas Sharma
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