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Hi Serghei

Can you confirm with a "show route extensive instance VRF-B" the details of the route received.

I have just build a litte lab with your config with logical routers (not virtual ones ... Vrf)

I have the same ditribution filters as the one you're describing:

policy-statement EXPSTA {
    term 1 {
        from {
            route-filter exact;
        then reject;
    term 2 {
        from {
            protocol static;
            route-filter exact;
        then accept;

And I don't see the behaviour you're describing... I have default route received via bgp on router B distributed to router A and a static route distributed from router A to B.

I think like wrote tonny we defenitely need some more config or traces from you.

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Hi All. I have unwanted route from OSPF peer. I have problems with route export in an OSPF area.

I have 2 Juniper boxes.R1 and R2 with several vrf-instances in each of them(with different OSPF area in different pairs of vrf) 

Now I'm making new VRF in each of Routers. VRF-A in R1 and VRF-B in R2.  and I'm configuring OSPF area between VRF-A and VRF-B (in separate VLAN). 

I need to export only static route through OSPF  from VRF-A to VRF-B

And I need to export only BGP route through OSPF from VRF-B to VRF-A.

I'm using route policy to OSPF export. I have installed my static route in VRF-B from OSPF VRF-A. And I have in VRF-A from VRF-B.


!!! But, I also have static route in VRF-B from OSPF VRF-A ???  Why ?? I don't have any static in VRF-A


I have static only in other VRF in R1.

my OSPF export policy on R1 VRF-A is:

term 1

      from  route-filter exact

      then reject

term 2

      from protocol static


      then accept


In OSPF Trace from R1(VRF-A)  I see that R1 uses transit area to export static but  I don't have area in R1.

I have area only between router R2 and another R3.



Please, If someone can to suggest some idea . Thank You


Best regards


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