[j-nsp] SNMP query delay

Michael Skulsky azerole at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 30 09:41:01 EDT 2009


It's JunOS 9.1R2.10.
With SNMPv2c it is unfortunately the same.

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Once upon a time, Michael Skulsky <azerole at yandex.ru> said:
> I have a strange problem when retrieving interface statistics from IF-MIB
> through SNMP. The router is an mx960. There are several interfaces, for
> which the time needed to obtain the values is much higher than for others.

Which JUNOS version?  I've hit a similar problem (about a 10 second
slowdown) with a dialer interface on a J-series with 9.3R2.8; I wonder
if it is related.


> xxx at test:~$ <mailto:os.arbor at test:~$>  time snmpget -v1 -c xxxxx -t 100
> xx.xxx.xxx.xxx ifHCInOctets.116;

the HC MIB entries (and Counter64 type) are not defined for SNMPv1.
What happens if you try SNMPv2c?

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