[j-nsp] Rate limit ARP per interface (or JUNOS bug)?

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Fri May 15 03:59:20 EDT 2009

On Fri, 15 May 2009, Chuck Anderson wrote:
>> I've seen LAN loops etc cause junos problems.  That's why you need to
>> add 'policer arp FOO' under interfaces,unit,family inet.  I'd have hoped
>> Juniper would have sane defaults but ....
> Isn't that the default?
> router> show policer
> Policers:
> Name                                              Packets
> __default_arp_policer__                                 0

I wonder what's the default threshold at?  Given that we've seen 
problems with the default, and haven't seen since manual config, maybe 
its limit is higher than at least our box could handle.  It's possible 
that more load was caused by non-ARP broadcast looped traffic though.

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