[j-nsp] Ex Series Bandwidth Policer

Bill Blackford BBlackford at nwresd.k12.or.us
Tue May 19 16:00:36 EDT 2009

I don't believe you can apply the policer in both directions on the EX. At least this has been my experience.


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I was wondering what the best way to limit bandwidth per customer port on a EX3200 would be. 

Lets say i have customer A on port 3 and customer B on port 4 and would like to give each one 10 mbits per sec up and down. Something like this... 

 ge-0/0/3 { 
        description Customer A; 
        unit 0 { 
            family ethernet-switching { 
                port-mode access; 
                vlan { 
                    members 43; 

 ge-0/0/4 { 
        description Customer B; 
        unit 0 { 
            family ethernet-switching { 
                port-mode access; 
                vlan { 
                    members 44 ; 

firewall { 
    policer 10m { 
        if-exceeding { 
            bandwidth-limit 10m; 
            burst-size-limit 100k; 
        then discard; 

Then i would just apply the 10m policer to both interfaces for both input and output? 

Any clarification on this would be helpful. 



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