[j-nsp] PPPoE

Dermot Williams Dermot.Williams at imaginegroup.ie
Fri Oct 2 03:50:17 EDT 2009



Either I fail at searching the docs or the docs fail at providing the
info but I'm having a bit of trouble getting a working PPPoE
configuration on a J4300. 


Firstly, is it possible to use a logical interface (e.g., fe-0/0/0.128)
as a PPPoE interface? The router lets me set the encapsulation on the
interface to ppp-over-ethernet but I can't take it for granted that that
means I have a working config.


Also, how do I indicate to the router what packets should bring up the
PPP session? There doesn't seem to be a way in JunOS (8.1, admittedly)
to specify that the next-hop for a given subnet is an interface.


Any ideas?





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