[j-nsp] EX Routing Throughput

Markus Groß gross at laxin.de
Sat Oct 3 12:05:23 EDT 2009


Patrik Olsson schrieb:
>> One rather annoying thing you should be aware of is that you will need
>> to purchase a separate license to run OSPFv3 (even though OSPFv2 is
>> included in the base image).
> I heard rumors that the IPv6 stuff will be free in later release of
> JUNOS... at least for M/T stuff... so logically I hope EX stuff follows
> that lead...

some weeks ago I asked our sales if there are any news. He told me, that
you need a license for IPv6 for the ex- as well as for the m-series. So
I assume the situation hasn't changed yet.

I hope Juniper will rethink this strategy. We would love to use our 
ex-series switches to deploy IPv6 to our customers, but this step
would almost double the costs for each switch.

I played a little bit in our lab and got a message that an additional
license is needed when I actiated ospf v2. When I did the same stuff 
(added IPv6 addresses and configured route advertisement)
with static routes, no warning appeared. I asked our sales, if this
means that no license is required but he negated that.


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