[j-nsp] Need help with stripping of BGP communities

Alexander Shikoff minotaur at crete.org.ua
Tue Oct 6 13:52:05 EDT 2009

Hello All,

I have M10i router and need to strip BGP communities that don't match regex 

I've configured BGP community:
[edit policy-options]
minotaur at br1-gdr.ki# show community Prohibited 
members "^((9002)|(21011)|(13228)):([0-5])$";

Then I've created policy-statement and applied it to neighbour's import:
minotaur at br1-gdr.ki# show policy-options policy-statement from-Downstream 
then {
    community delete Prohibited;
    next policy;

minotaur at br1-gdr.ki# show protocols bgp group Downlinks-Default-Only neighbor 
description "Downlink: UOS";
import [ from-Downstream from-UOS ];
peer-as 42546;

But communities that don't match "^((9002)|(21011)|(13228)):([0-5])$" are
still associated with prefixes that I receive from downstream:

* (2 entries, 1 announced)
     AS path: 42546 42546 42546 42546 44532 44532 I
     AS path: Recorded
     Communities: 65535:1111 65535:9002

To my shame I cannot find an error in configuration... 
Any help will be heartly appreciated. Thanks.


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