[j-nsp] QoS verfication and testing

David Ball davidtball at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 10:42:09 EDT 2009

  I've used JDSU and Exfo test sets for the generation of the traffic,
both of which are getting better at simulating 'real' traffic via tcp
sessions and voip/video simulation using UDP.  They include the
ability to measure round-trip delay, jitter, packetloss, etc.  At very
least, you could use them to generate a few different streams of
traffic, each with a different DSCP/802.1p marking.  Then do your
classification etc on your edge and so on.  I've even toyed with free
generation tools like IPERF and NUTTCP which run on a PC/server, which
will obviously limit the amount of traffic you can generate (I can get
~700Mbps from a laptop).

  If you don't trust the test-set's values for latency, jitter, etc.,
some platforms support ITU-T 1731 and 802.1ag standards for
connectivity fault management and measurement, which let you do
end-to-end measurement. Cisco of course calls it IPSLA, but other
vendors have implemented same (MRV OS904 CPE device, among others).  I
think the MX-series just added those protocols in 9.5-ish as well, so
you can do measurements just across the core, etc.


2009/10/7 Ivan c <ivannetw at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I am looking into what systems are available for testing and
> verification of QoS behaviour and performance between sites on a
> provider WAN. So looking at loading up 5 QoS queues to see the
> behaviour of QoS and provide some benchmarking performance indicators
> of the different traffic profiles in each queue.
> SIte-A <-----------\          /-----------> Site-C
>                              \       /
>                                \+ /
>                                /  \
>                              /      \
> SIte-B <-----------/         \-----------> Site-C
> Some systems I have found are:
> http://www.spirent.com/Broadband/Voice_IMS/~/media/Datasheets/Broadband/PAB/SpirentTestCenter/STC_Packet_Generator-Analyzer_BasePackage_datasheet.ashx
> http://advanced.comms.agilent.com/n2x/
> http://www.omnicor.com/netest.htm
> Just wondering if anyone knew of others or any feedback on these systems
> Thanks
> Ivan
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