[j-nsp] Per packet load balancing with Juniper ERX ?

Stevanus stevanus at datacomm.co.id
Mon Oct 12 23:41:52 EDT 2009

I think you can use *ip multipath round robin* command. Explanation below :

*Configuring Equal-Cost Multipath Load Sharing
Equal-cost multipath (ECMP) sets are formed when the system finds 
routing table entries for the same destination with equal cost. You can 
add routing table entries manually (as static routes), or they are 
formed as routers discover their neighbors and exchange routing tables 
(via OSPF, BGP, and other routing protocols). The system then balances 
traffic across these sets of equal-cost paths using one of the following 
ECMP modes:

    * Hashed - uses hashing of source and destination addresses to 
determine which of the available paths in the ECMP set to use
    * Round-robin - distributes packets equally among the available 
paths in the ECMP set

*  ip multipath round-robin*

    * Use to specify round-robin as the mode for ECMP load sharing on an 
    * ECMP uses the round-robin mode when you have configured all 
interfaces in the set to round-robin. Otherwise, ECMP defaults to hashed 
mode because round-robin mode could cause reordering of packets. You 
must explicitly ensure that the possible reordering is acceptable on all 
the member interfaces by setting them to round-robin mode.
    * Use the no version to set the ECMP mode to the default, hashed.

Example :

host1(config)#virtual-router router_0
host1:router_0(config)#interface serial 4/0:1/22.22
host1:router_0(config-subif)#ip multipath round-robin


- Stevanus -

guan wang wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does juniper ERX support per packet load balancing ?
> Is there a way to force this behavior?
> Thanks
> gdxnfx
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