[j-nsp] Single Strand SFPs in EX Switches

Gavin Tweedie gav at narx.net
Tue Oct 13 03:42:23 EDT 2009

I Goodall wrote:
> Cisco switches we use a lot of Prolabs SFPs. Can anyone confirm if the EX
> switches work OK with Cisco coded SFPs?
I haven't found a SFP that doesn't work in the MX or EX platforms yet -  
Juniper, Finisar, Cisco and some generic OEM SFPs have all be fine.

BX optics I've used in MX's but not in EX's yet - but I expect they'll 
be ok too.

Keep in mind you may run into troubles with JTAC cases if they believe 
the non-genuine is part of the problem.



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