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This is probably related to the EZChip again though. 100G EZChip NP4 (used
for queueing and filtering) will be produced in 2010, and given that it will
be used both in Cisco ASR 9k and Juniper MX on their 100G line cards, it
will be tough for any of the 2 vendors to make any difference on the packet

2009/10/23 Richard A Steenbergen <ras at e-gerbil.net>

> On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 08:53:17AM -0700, Marlon Duksa wrote:
> > Keep in mind that this is from the Forbes magazine - these guys have no
> clue
> > what a router is.
> > But the point is that something is coming out next week, and it gives me
> > kind of clue what...
> >
> > I gather they will have 40G (full duplex chipset), have three of them on
> a
> > line card which will give them 120G of throughput???  Of course this will
> go
> > on MX...With no fabric redundancy. Only 10GE ports, no 100GE?? Will find
> out
> > soon...
> Remember the articles that came out before the MX's release, about how
> Juniper had outsourced the entire thing and it was an EZChip based
> platform? Makes you wonder exactly how full of shit they are on every
> other article that isn't about something you actually know well, doesn't
> it? :)
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