[j-nsp] Tuning memory usage (sampling problem)

Pavel Gulchouck gul at gul.kiev.ua
Tue Oct 27 03:24:35 EDT 2009


Sometimes I see log messages:

Oct 27 07:52:12 quoll /kernel: Process (1283,sampled) has exceeded 85% of RLIMIT_DATA: used 117776 KB Max 131072 KB

and then:

Oct 27 08:47:27 quoll /kernel: Process (1283,sampled) attempted to exceed RLIMIT_DATA: attempted 131076 KB Max 131072 KB

After this sampled process gets too much cpu.
Is it possible to increase this rlimit?
Is it safe to restart (kill) sampled process in this case?
What else can I do to avoid this?
I use Juniper MX480, JunOS 9.5R2.
My sampling configuration:

sampling {
    input {
        family inet {
            rate 4096;
            max-packets-per-second 10000;
    output {
        flow-inactive-timeout 15;
        flow-active-timeout 60;



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