[j-nsp] Restrictions in 802.3ad Links (Multicast)

Hendrik Kahmann hendrik.kahmann at ewetel.de
Fri Oct 30 05:15:18 EDT 2009


can someone provide any information about restrictions (especially for
multicast) on IEEE 802.3ad (Aggregated Ethernet) links in JunOS? We are
currently using JunOS 8.5 in our lab-setup. 

- Can we use multicast on this AE links without any restrictions? 

- Is the load-balancing-behaviour on the different links in the bundle
working for multicast traffic or is the bandwidth for multicast traffic
limited to the bandwith of one link of the bundle (as an example we have an
5GE aggregated link with five 1GE links).

We are looking forward to your information.

Kind regards,


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