[j-nsp] EX3200 Interface Strangeness

Thompson, Jerrold ThompsonJB at mgmmirage.net
Tue Sep 1 10:36:38 EDT 2009

>I guess their newer platforms, the EX2200 and EX2500 are a 
>step farther into that direction, (and I imagine we'll be 
>seeing more "targeted" platforms being released over time), 
>and hopefully, there's something in there for all of us :-). 

Not sure I'd credit Juniper 100% for the ex2500 line.


The Juniper EX2500 line of 10Gb Ethernet switches address
high-performance server access requirements with twenty-four 10 GbE SFP+
ports that deliver wire-speed performance and 700 nanosecond latency.
The EX2500 Series will support 480 Gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput
(full duplex) in a 1 rack-unit (RU) footprint. The EX2500 Series is
expected to be available in 2Q 2009.  The EX2500 Series has both power
and fan redundancy as standard features. The EX2500 Series comes with
dual, load-sharing power supplies, as well as redundant, variable-speed
fans to protect from single power supply or fan failure. The EX2500 is a
rebranded OEM product which does not run JunOS. Its technical
configuration, performance and physical case style is similar to the
Blade Network Technologies RackSwitch G8124


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