[j-nsp] ISIS default route question

Yue Min smartsuites at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 04:01:20 EDT 2009

hey everyone,

I'm studying junos isis. well, most part is simillar to cisco, but I
got a problem with default route. here's the senario:

ISP router ---(ebgp with default route )--> edge1 ( L1 router
)---->core1(L1/2 router)----l2 adj---->core2(L1/2 router)----->L1

for propergating the default learned from ISP at edge1 to the rest of
isis network, the cisco solution is simple ( core1 generates default
with a rotue-map to check DMZ link up/down ), but I can't figure out
junos solution. Can someone help me out on this? Thanks. not quite
familar with junos isis since it's not in our production. :)


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