[j-nsp] question about user access to logical router

Yue Min smartsuites at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 15:41:42 EDT 2009

logical router is a great feature. however, I have some questions
about how more efficiently user can access to logical router. here's
the senario:

r1, r2 , and r3 are three logical router. I want define three classes
and users, each with full control of its logical router efficiently.
it means, when r1 user login with its user account, it should see
these things:

1. r1 will be able to see only "logical-routers r1" configure, and
make configure changes only to r1.
2. when user r1 get into configure mode, it won't be warned "there's
other user in configuration mode" if other user is r2 and/or r3, not a
"global" user.
3. r1 should be able to issue command like "ping" "show route" "show
isis database" etc. without speicifying logical router name.

anyone has a good sample to do this? thanks.


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