[j-nsp] interfaces, addresses, and nat.. oh my!

Christopher M. Hobbs chobbs at siloamsprings.com
Mon Sep 14 11:28:33 EDT 2009

Greetings, List!

I imagine this post will be pretty ignorant as I'm lacking
sleep and caffeine in a big way.  Forgive me if it makes 
little sense...

I've inherited an ancient firewall setup and I'm in the 
process of replacing it with two SRX240 series firewalls.
We currently have 3 IPs coming from our ISP, two of which 
are handed off to a couple of internal addresses via static
NAT with our existing firewall.

I'm trying to duplicate this setup with our SRX.  I've 
attempted to assign multiple IPs to the external interface
on the firewall to no avail.  It generally complains about
encapsulation and/or "host families".  This is very likely
the wrong way to go about things...

Is it possible to assign multiple addresses to a single 
interface?  If not, can I take care of the static NAT issue
without assigning the remaining addresses to an interface?

Thanks a ton, and again, please pardon my ignorance!
Christopher M. Hobbs [chobbs at siloamsprings.com]
Network Administrator, City of Siloam Springs

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