[j-nsp] Re2: Netflow sampling broken in 9.6R1.13 ?

Alfred Schweder alf at all.de
Tue Sep 15 07:44:57 EDT 2009


> <You Asked> Now Junos 9.6 note "## Warning: 'output' is deprecated" 
> <Tarique> "output" was moved under family in 9.6 & hence the warning.
> <You Asked> If I activate the new syntax "forwarding-options sampling
> family inet ...". I get always an error:
> <Tarique> Config will commit if you remove family inet for input.

Thats the point. Junos give only a warning at the output part, but
I had to change the syntax of both parts (input, output).

>>             aggregation {
>>                 source-destination-prefix;
>>             }

The other point ist, that the generated data is changed.
With 9.4, 9.5R1, 9.5R2 I get the complete IP in each
flow record. Now the data seems to be reduced to 
route-bondaries. Traffik for 192.168.123.x/24 is now
collected to, so I cant asso. the flow
to customers anymore ...

Thanks & Regards,

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