[j-nsp] Shaping on Aggregate Interface on M120

Jason Alex amr.ccie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 03:00:09 EDT 2009

Dear All,
            I need to apply shaping on my M120 Router on an aggregate
interface consists of 4 Giga Interfaces

When applying shaping , the below error appears

"Warning: 'per-unit-scheduler', 'hierarchical-scheduler', or 'shared
scheduler' for this interface is required for output-traffic-control-profile
configuration on interface unit"

Here is my configuration below

traffic-control-profiles {

     test {

         shaping-rate 1650000000;



 interfaces {

     ae1 {
         unit 350 {

             output-traffic-control-profile test;


but when applying the per-unit-schiduler on aggregate interface , the below
error appears

"Per Unit scheduler can be set on AE ae1 only when link-protection is set"

Please advice

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