[j-nsp] LX SFP Question

Mike Mainer mmainer at tekinside.com
Fri Sep 25 06:47:33 EDT 2009

on M&T routers you always have the command list below to give you light 
rx/tx levels/thresholds but Juniper removed this command from the EX 
version of JUNOS.  They actually had the command in early releases (9.2) 
but it did not provide any output.  I know in 9.4r3.5 Juniper just 
removed that command altogether.  We had asked our SE to have this added 
as a "feature request" but nothing so far...

/*/show interfaces diagnostics/ optics


Paul Stewart wrote:
> Hi folks...
> Does anyone know the tolerance of the LH SFP's from Juniper?  We are trying
> to get an EX3200 switch configured and ready for production - have a case
> open at JTAC but haven't been able to resolve.  In fairness to the JTAC
> engineer, I haven't had a lot of time to troubleshoot except for performing
> a software upgrade which has been completed (9.4)
> The link is up/up from the EX3200 to a Cisco 6500 but the distance at the
> moment (while testing) is literally 15' or so.  In the Cisco world we have
> no problem on such short distances but wondering if something is different
> or causing a problem for the Juniper.
> We see up/up and at one point were seeing a MAC address but unable to access
> the Management VLAN on the switch (only VLAN configured at the moment).
> Since the software upgrade we cannot see a MAC address even which has me
> wondering about the connection running too hot....
> JTAC verified that the configuration is correct - Cisco TAC has verified
> that the IOS configuration is correct.
> Many thanks,
> Paul
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