[j-nsp] Ethernet Preamble and FCS on EoMPLS

Harry Reynolds harry at juniper.net
Fri Sep 25 13:09:05 EDT 2009

AFAIK, the fcs and preamble are always stripped and no option not to.


    - An Ethernet PW connects two Ethernet ACs while an Ethernet VLAN
        PW connects two Ethernet VLAN ACs, supporting bidirectional
        transport of variable length Ethernet frames.  The ingress
        Native Service Processing (NSP) function strips the preamble and
        frame check sequence (FCS) from the Ethernet frame and
        transports the frame in its entirety across the PW.  This is
        done regardless of the presence of the 802.1Q tag in the frame.
        The egress NSP function receives the Ethernet frame from the PW
        and regenerates the preamble or FCS before forwarding the frame


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Hi List.

Is Juniper able to include Ethernet "preamble" and "FCS" within the mpls packet, on EoMPLS? Is it configurable?

AFAIK, these fields are removed, by default, before encapsulating...

Thanks in advance.

Ruter Guike
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