[j-nsp] Accuracy of interface stats

Shane Short shane at short.id.au
Sun Sep 27 02:52:34 EDT 2009

You'll find that 9.2Gbps was the 5minute average-- you were probably  
bursting well above that frequently, hence the drops.

There was a massive discussion about this on the nanog list, depending  
on the type traffic your transiting, you shouldn't run your link at  
hotter than 70-90%

Time for an upgrade :)


On 27/09/2009, at 1:59 PM, The Drifter wrote:

> Hi folks,
> How sensitive/accurate is the show interface statistics in capturing  
> the real time flow of traffic?
> When monitoring the OC-192 interface the peak utilization on the  
> interface and MRTG was showing 9.2Gbps. But, there were packet  
> losses clocking by second!
> Is this because the interface statistics are not capable of  
> capturing/reflecting  high bandwidth OC-48,OC-192,etc traffic  
> patterns?
> Thanks,
> Jimmy
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