[j-nsp] Miercom Competitive Performance Testing Results: Cisco ASR9000 vs Juniper MX960

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Mon Sep 28 01:47:30 EDT 2009

On Monday 28 September 2009 12:25:43 am Derick Winkworth 

> 2) We put no stock in vendor testing from anyone,
> including Juniper.  When you start poking and prodding
> for details, you start hearing.. "Well this is the
> thing..." and "About that, yeah, basically that isn't
> exactly..." and then you realize in every case that these
> tests are total bullsh*t.  Indeed, they rig the tests to
> make their products appear more favorable.

Agree - same here.

One should always evaluate on the merits of each platform, 
hopefully, ignoring rosy material in data sheets and 
marketing/press information.

Testing kit for the control and data plane is a lot of work, 
particularly if you're working against your account team 
trying to prove to you their box is the best in the 
industry. However, from experience throughout the years, 
we've refined what questions to ask when kit or software is 
released, and find that a number of our concerns are 
highlighted long before they utter, "Can we send a box out 
to you". This has proven effective in wedding out the riff-
raff; time is precious, what can we, engineers, say :-)?

That's why I'm generally not too eager to read competitive 
information, public or otherwise. I find it insulting to our 
profession that account teams expect us to handover a signed 
purchase order on the basis of, "Look, we beat them flat out 
- our report says so".


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