[j-nsp] C2000 and E320 interaction problem

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Sep 29 09:38:56 EDT 2009


we use  C2000 with E320 to provide  web based authentication service.

On a new site we found C2000 could not control E320 even after we tried to configure both sides serval times.

If E320 is configured with 

' sscc enable'  , client could  acquire IP address by DHCP (DHCP server runs on E320) but no access control policy is pushed to sub-interface , so our customer could accesss internet without any authentication ; 

 if E320 is configured with 'sscc enable cops-pr', client could not get IP address at all. At this time , C2000 logs like 

'21:17:56.322 CST 29.09.2009 [CopsHandler-165/0x30003625] [AddressCtx] [10] Will refuse address since SAP JunosESap { routerName = VR_WLAN at BAS-E320-3.MAN, interfaceName = GigabitEthernet12/0/2.13311073} is not managed;

While, the interface is surely configured to be managed by C2000.

Would anybody do some favor to give some hints?

thanks in advance.



C2k version info :

C2K-2> show system information 
System Identification
Hostname         C2K-2
Manufacturer     Juniper Networks
Product Name     C2000
Version          1.0
Serial Number    0207072007000005
UUID             48384441-5254-0030-485C-0030485C71B2
Hostid           eff6d312
Software version SRC-PE Release 2.0 [R.2.0.0-0] (November 30, 2007 08:01)

E320 version info :

BAS-E320-3.MAN#sh ver
Juniper Edge Routing Switch E320
Copyright (c) 1999-2008 Juniper Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.
System Release: e320_8-2-4p0-4.rel
        Version: 8.2.4 patch-0.4 [BuildId 10198]   (October 24, 2008  03:01)
System running for: 221 days, 11 hours, 31 minutes, 2 seconds
        (since FRI FEB 20 2009 10:06:11 PRC)


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