[j-nsp] Martini over an instance-based core

Pavel Lunin plunin at senetsy.ru
Sat Dec 4 09:28:58 EST 2010

Hi all,

I am trying to establish a Martini tunnel through a core-facing MPLS
interface, which is placed into an instance (virtual router). Has anyone
tried this?

Everything (IGP, LDP, MPLS) is running in the instance but l2circuit is
configured in the master since there is no way to do so in an instance.
Remote LDP route comes from the neighbor and gets installed into
instance.l2circuit.0 table, but the local l2ckt route is in l2circuit.0. Of
course, since there is no labeled route to the neighbor in master inet.3 it
is not even resolved and shown as hidden. I tried to play with route
resolution making routes in l2circuit.0 to be resolved through
instance.inet.3 instead of inet.3, the route comes up, but since it is still
in the l2circuit.0, not in the instance, it is not advertised through LDP,

I also tried to use the common tricks like rib-groups and import/export to
copy the local route from l2circuit.0 to instance.l2circuit.0 but it seems
like those l2ckt routes can not be copied, though… maybe someone here know

Can't understand whether this is possible at all. What makes me think it may
be possible, is the separate l2circuit.0 table created for the instance.

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