[j-nsp] PBR to remote router

mohan raut routetomohan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 03:31:40 EST 2010

Dear ALL,

I need help on configuration of PBR in juniper router.


The above is the link I am following.

I have used the standard filter based forwarding template with the static
route made in the routing-instance and in the rib group we have called

routes of inet.0 and routing-instance.inet.0.

This is working fine with some minor modfications as per my requirement.

However in PBR, right now my requirement is next-hop IP address of remote
router 3 hops away which will pass through MPLS cloud.

I have tried next-hop resolve and also tried adding a static  route to the
MPLS cloud, but not working. When I do a trace I see the packet getting lost

MPLS  cloud.

Some one told me this will not work,since the remote router IP address is
learnt via BGP to the local router and this route has to be pulled in the

routing-instance which is not possible. Not sure.

Any suggestions what can be done to achieve the motto.

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