[j-nsp] J-Series JUNOS in Olive?

Stevanus stevanus at datacomm.co.id
Sun Jan 10 06:16:42 EST 2010

I tried JUNOS J9.3 and booting always stop on this part :

mount: /dev/bo0s1e: No such file or directory
local filesystem mount failed, startup aborted
Booting single-user
WARNING: system watchdog timer still running,
         use '/junos/sbin/watchdog -off' to disable
Enter full pathname of shell or 'recovery' for root password recovery or RETURN for /bin/sh:
NOTE: to go to multi-user operation, exit the single-user shell (with ^D)

To run the rest of rc manually (after the above):

        chroot /junos /bin/sh /etc/rc.chroot

and to run a shell with a normal view of the system:

        chroot /junos /bin/sh


Never know how to workaround that thing until now :(

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