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Onam Rubio onamrubio at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 13 11:37:51 EST 2010

In my country are 5 ISP and to save internet traffic we make local BGP peering.
Before this I have a BGP session for internet redundancy with one of the 5 ISP's.

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> > I have 2 BGP session with the same ISP but one of this  one is for the
> > local BGP to save internet traffic, and the other one is for internet
> > redundancy I need to have but session running but my advertisement goes
> > for both of them to internet. Manually y can reject the networks to my
> > uptream providers, Is there a way to do it automatically?
> I'm not sure I fully understand your question.  Are you saying you only want
> to advertise routes to the Primary BGP peer, and only advertise routes to
> the Secondary in the event of a failure of the Primary peer?
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