[j-nsp] JUNOS

bit gossip bit.gossip at chello.nl
Tue Jan 19 13:24:38 EST 2010

pretty nasty indeed!
Is there a JTAC case open for this? Or a PR?


> Ok I should have known better than to jinx it like that... just
> discovered a pretty nasty bug in 9.5R3 where when an ae interface (I
> THINK one member of the interface is enough to do it, but still
> investigating) flaps the rpd coredumps. It looks like the interface 
> routes attached to the ae are somehow "going away", and rpd crashes 
> after that. After rpd comes back up the interface routes on the ae are 
> still missing, the remote side is unreachable and if you try to bounce 
> the subints that are affected you get:
> %DAEMON-3: KRT ADD for x.x.x.x/32 => { ifl 81 addr x.x.x.x } 
> failed, error "ENOENT -- Item not found".
> Only bouncing the entire ae (deactivate, commit, reactivate) brings the
> routes back. Will keep you guys updated as I find out more, but I'm now
> up to 5 routers that have crashed exactly this way with identical rpd
> backtraces and symptoms, including two that just blew simultaniously 
> when a connected router flapped to them. This happened under 9.4R3 and 
> 9.5R3, keep an eye out for it. :)

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