[j-nsp] IPv6

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Sat Jan 23 13:43:19 EST 2010

On Sunday 24 January 2010 02:13:41 am Richard A Steenbergen 

> Convenience. Obviously with eBGP there are other reasons
>  to run two sessions (like liveness tests), but with iBGP
>  there is no inherent reason why you'd need to duplicate
>  your BGP mesh. Cisco does the right thing
>  w/next-hop-self, you just have to work around this
>  behavior with Juniper NHS.

With regard to routing policy, we originally considered 
utilizing the same policy framework for v6 as we did v4, 
literally sharing it between both v4 and v6 iBGP sessions, 
but that didn't work out easily as there are some kinky 
things we did with v4 that the simplicity of v6 gladly takes 
away. So separating them made sense, and the convenience was 

Independent iBGP sessions for v4 and v6 are convenient 
enough for us, but if for nothing else, the ability to have 
v6 up and running even when something terrible happens to 
the v4 network (if it does) is not too shabby.


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