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Hi Nils,

 JNCIS-E is E Series Track:


 JNCIS-M is for M and T Series Track:


 and there is also

 JNCIS-ER is Enterprise Touting track:



Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 8:31:53 AM, you wrote:

NK> The E-track is the Enterprise routing track and focusses on J-series
NK> routers. So some specific J-series hardware-related issues are part of this
NK> track whereas the M-track focuses on the M/T-series. 

NK> The JunOS element is the same though except for some small J-series
NK> specific thingies like tunneling/IPSec stuff.

NK> Nils Kolstein

NK> ----- "Taqdir Singh" <singh.taqdir at gmail.com> schreef:

>> Hi All,
>>            could anyone please clear me what is the actual diff
>> between
>> I know M stands for M series routers.
>> which one is most latest ?
>> what is the exam fee for JNCIS ? can we do it directly without giving
>> ?
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