[j-nsp] J series users bitten by the massive memory useincrease with flow mode add, please file jtac cases.

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Fri Jul 23 08:00:49 EDT 2010

On Friday, July 23, 2010 05:34:15 pm Pavel Lunin wrote:

> Didn't you tested J4350/4350 or SRX650 with 2 Gigs of RAM
> and filters which block full table from RIB->FIB export?

No, we never did test them for this role because:

	- When we wanted to, the J-series only supported 1GB
	  of DRAM maximum. That didn't bode well with us

	- When 2GB came out, the size of JUNOS was a little
	  scary, compared to IOS.

	- Then JUNOS for the J-series moved to JUNOS-ES, and
	  this was the final nail in the coffin for us.

> (7200 seems to be more
> interesting), but if someone tested this, would be nice
> to hear.

7201 is a much better solution for this role, IMHO. Form 
factor is great. CPU power is great. Feature set is great.

It only does 2GB today, but I'm talking to Cisco about 
whether they can provide a 4GB or greater option (whether 
I'm successful is actually another issue). However, Cisco's 
RP2 for the ASR1004/6 can do 16GB today. But for now, it's 
sort of like buying an M120 for route reflection - too 
powerful. But what can you do? It's either that or 

Even if Juniper came out with a large control plane (DRAM-
wise), there's no box small enough to plug it into at the 
moment. Yes, the M7i is tiny, but I'm rather apprehensive 
about any new RE's being developed for this platform.


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