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Barny Sanchez barnys at juniper.net
Mon Mar 1 08:10:43 EST 2010

1) Can you verify that you can ping from FW2 to  If it works, then probably you have a DNS misconfigured.
2) If the previous doesn't work, can you verity that you have a correct routing in place and also that FW1 has a proper policy in place, you can start by testing with a any to any policy.

This is the bare minimal things to check, but there are other problems to consider, such as:
1) NAT misconfiguration.
2) Routing missconfiguration.
3) Without knowing anyting more about your environment, could be a vsys problem (high-end firewalls).
4) VPNs involved?


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On Mar 1, 2010, at 7:04 AM, SunnyDay wrote:

I Have 2 netscreen firewall connected on behind the other.
                    eth0    eth1       eth3
internet     <-------FW1<---------->FW2

My problem is that FW2 from the cli is not able to do name resolution.eg:
ping www.google.com.FW1<http://www.google.com.FW1> is able to ping www.google.com<http://www.google.com>
I configured on FW2 open dns with source interface eth3 with no luck any

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