[j-nsp] Strange IS-IS Problem

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Wed Mar 24 06:59:01 EDT 2010

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> On Mar 8, 2010, at 1:54 PM, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> > I wonder if that is because the IS-IS Hello PDUs are being sent
> > as Ethernet Multicast frames
> This had been my suspicion as well. Is it possible to disable igmp-
> snooping on the EX2500's?
> -Shane

As a follow-up to this problem, the above is exactly what was happening and the switch was dropping them.  The only workaround was to configure point-to-point.  That said, this problem is going to be fixed in the next version of BladeOS.  I have a pre-release version installed at the moment and it seems to work fine.


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