[j-nsp] SRX650 Clustering - IPv6

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Tue Nov 2 13:43:37 EDT 2010

Hi there.


We are looking to bring on an additional SRX650 at a site by clustering.
One of the requirements though is IPv6 traffic and it appears it's not


ollections/release-notes/10/topic-39007.html :


Chassis Cluster

On SRX Series and J Series devices, the following features are not supported
when chassis clustering is enabled on the device:

*	All packet-based protocols, such as MPLS, Connectionless Network
Service (CLNS), and IP version 6 (IPv6)




Do any of the SRX boxes support clustering with IPv6?  Is there any timeline
on this being fixed that anyone knows of?


Our goal is redundant routing engines should something happen - makes more
$$$ sense to add an additional SRX650 when there is one existing..


Thanks in advance,




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