[j-nsp] JunOS 10.0R3 MX960 (DPC's only)

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Tue Nov 9 11:43:29 EST 2010

Thanks all for your help.

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On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 08:13:41PM -0400, Paul Stewart wrote:
> And it sounds like you do a mighty fine job finding them ;)
> Those items you list wouldn't be effecting us today - no ISIS and no
> enabled (yet, coming shortly)...
> What do you run on your MX boxes today for reference?

At this exact moment (well, the last time we did a new deployment or 
upgrade and had to make the decision at any rate), we're running 10.1S6 
on DPC-only MX's, and 10.2R3 for MX's with Trio cards.

Neither is perfect. 10.2R3 still has some very serious issues w/SNMP 
counters not working correctly (that don't seem to be entirely Trio 
specific), which fortunately is only a problem if you'd like to, you 
know, bill your customers. :) 10.1S6 hsd actually had a pretty 
reasonable run for a few months now, until a few days ago, when one box 
decided that it was going to stop passing traffic correctly over DPC 
non-E cards with the old rev of EZchip, and also startedly randomly 
corrupting the firewall filters.

Honestly I can't remember the last time I had my number of simultaneous 
open JTAC cases below 30, so no matter where you go there is going to be

suffering. At the time we went with 10.1S6 instead of 10.0R4 because 
10.0R4 had some unresolved issues that 10.1 didn't, and we needed a fix 
for a specific and very obvnoxious MPLS LSP double-counting bug in a 
hurry. We'll be looking into 10.1S8, but I have no feedback on it at the


That's my MPLS/BGP/ISIS/v4+v6/carrier feature set take at any rate, I'm 
sure there is a completely different set of voodoo potions that goes 
into finding a working version for IRB/etc. :)

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