[j-nsp] MX480 IPv6 interface counters

L Kennedy kennedyl at indigo.ie
Wed Nov 10 04:49:00 EST 2010


We have v6 enabled on our MX network - routing etc is working fine, but if I
check the interface counters using "show int ... statistics detail" the IPv6
transit statistics all read zero - this is on both 10GE and 1GE, physical
and logical interfaces:

    Traffic statistics:
     Input  bytes  :          92207894161
     Output bytes  :        1133032537145
     Input  packets:            755587366
     Output packets:           2696355621
     IPv6 transit statistics:
      Input  bytes  :                   0
      Output bytes  :                   0
      Input  packets:                   0
      Output packets:                   0

junos is 10.0R2.10

Also - does anyone know the OID to query the IPv6 interface counters
(assuming they're working) - browsing the juniper ipv6 mib it appears
possible to only query the total number of ipv6 packets across the platform
as a whole (and derivatives of that information).


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