[j-nsp] ERX 802.1p marking / user-priority

Tom Teeuwen tom at tomteeuwen.eu
Thu Nov 18 02:58:21 EST 2010

Thanx Ulf ! It works ! :)

Created an IP-CLACL  for matching my traffic
Created an IP-policy for assigning a traffic-class to the IP-CLACL

Created a VLAN-CLACL for matchting the traffic-class
Created an VLAN-policy to set the user-priority for the VLAN-CLACL

Assigned the IP-policy to an interface inbound and the VLAN-policy to an interface outbound

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Van: Ulf Bremer [ulf.bremer at gmail.com]
Verzonden: maandag 15 november 2010 10:42
Aan: Tom Teeuwen
Onderwerp: Re: [j-nsp] ERX 802.1p marking / user-priority


you need a VLAN-policy, as this is the only policy type that can set
the 802.1p-bits. According to
the only match criteria supported in a VLAN-clacl are: color, traffic
class or user packet class so you can either:

- have your vlan-policy refer to a vlan-clacl that matches on already
set (at ingress?!) color, tc or upc or

- create an IP-policy referring to the ip-clacl (which you've defined
below), have it set color, tc or upc, attach it as egress policy and
then do the above.

Hope this help.

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I'm trying to achive the following:

I have multiple VLAN subinterfaces with dynamic PPPoE interfaces.
I would like to mark packets destined from specified networks with
"VLAN prio 802.1p = 5" (user-priority)

Created a classifier-list:
ip classifier-list mylist ip any

vlan policy-list MyPol
classifier-group mylist

I receive the following error:

% interface type mismatch in policy elements

Looks like i can only link vlan classifiers to vlan policy-lists ....

Someone an idee how to fixt this ?

Kind regards,


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