[j-nsp] Filtering of routes from VRF to other PE's

Peter Krupl Peter.Krupl at siminn.dk
Wed Nov 24 06:19:27 EST 2010


We are running a mixed MPLS network consisting both of cisco and juniper routers. 
Im missing the "default-information originate" knob for BGP peers in Junos. 

It seems the solution  is to install a static default route, and advertise that to the CE's. 
But i do not want the default route to be advertized to the other PE's.

At the following URL: 
I found the "vrf-export" statement, and did as described in the "Configuring an Export Policy for the PE Router's VRF Table" section.

As soon as I apply, the export policy below, nothing is announced for the VRF to the other PE's.

term export-0 {
    from protocol [ static direct ospf rip bgp ];
    then accept;
term 1 {
    then reject;

I have searched other threads in this forum, and found the "vpn-apply-export" option. Which should be disabled as im neither peering
eBGP or running RR on the PE in question. . And I do not need to both apply the vrf-export, and then the bgp-export policies at the same time.

Any hits or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Peter Krüpl

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