[j-nsp] what is the frag meaning? and firewall, backspace

Ben Dale bdale at comlinx.com.au
Thu Nov 25 16:35:02 EST 2010


If you are after assistance, perhaps some description around the type of device and software you are using would be helpful?

>From your output it looks like you are running ScreenOS on either a Netscreen or an SSG.  I would ignore the frag output, as I seem to have it on several boxes as well and they are all running fine.

The firewall is always "on" on a ScreenOS-based box, but how well it's working comes down to what security policies you have configured.

There is no command that does exactly what "ipfw -a list" does, but using a combination of:

get policy

to show all configured security policies and

get policy id x

to show any log or counter hits will achieve the same result.  

Use ^H (that's control-H) for backspace in ScreenOS, or re-map it in your terminal program of choice.

Backspace not working in ScreenOS terminal by default is an issue that affects everyone and raises almost as many questions as "How do I configure default information originate" and "Why does load-balance per-packet do per-flow load-balancing" do in Junos.


On 26/11/2010, at 1:40 AM, Deric Kwok wrote:

> Hi
> I get memory and have the result
> What is meaning of frag?
> Memory: allocated 31100400, left 101010010, frag 14, fail 0
> How do I know this machine running good?
> and how do I know the firewall is on in j router?
> Any command line I can run
> eg: ipfw -a list
> How can I backspace when I type wrong in firewall?
> Thank you
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