[j-nsp] ex4200 egress filter

Emmanuel Halbwachs Emmanuel.Halbwachs at obspm.fr
Thu Apr 28 08:30:15 EDT 2011


Nick Ryce a écrit (Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:35:53AM +0100) :
> We currently have an issue where we are unable to use
> tcp-established on egress firewall filters. We need this as we have
> firewall filters per customer applied to their own vlan.  If the
> server initiates a connection we want the return traffic allowed (
> normally we use tcp-established in cisco land ).

We hit the same problem.

> Is there any known work around?

No. Juniper told us this is a hardware limitation. tcp-flags will
never be supported on EX4200 (don't know for EX8200).

I don't have any knowledge in switch design, but I don't understand
why pattern-matching some bits in TCP headers is difficult on egress.

Also note that syslog on egress firewall filters is also not possible.


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