[j-nsp] SRX650 Clustering Issue

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> So, do you mean that load balancing happen by default on multiple
> Ethernet interfaces belonging to the same reth on the active unit? How
> to verify?


What Ben is saying is that you it is simply not necessary to configure the
AE interface when doing this on a Clustered device.  Basically, when you are
doing clustering, you simply add multiple ports from the same node to a RETH
interface and this bonds them together to create your Link Aggregation
Group.  To answer your question, load-balancing should happen by default
amongst all the ports in the RETH on the Active node.  BTW, I've only done
this on the High End SRX platforms... I'm not sure if this support exists on
the SRX 650.  So you may want to check with your account rep or do some
digging to determine if this support is provided on the Branch SRX devices.
> Also I think that load balancing should be configured on the SRX under
> the forwarding option and ECMP policy under forwarding table.

You do not need to perform any load balancing policy or ECMP - those are
only for situations where you have multiple next-hops for a given
destination and require load-balancing in the forwarding table.

BTW, an excellent repository of information can be found here which
describes just this setup and how to get things running properly -

Also, here is an excellent knowledgebase article which describes the exact
setup for an SRX650, this might provide you additional assistance as you go
through your configuration -


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