[j-nsp] SRX 650 reth interface load balancing

Stefan Fouant sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net
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> Hi Stefan
> I was testing the load balance by generating two flows through the
> firewall using ping to two different IP's and I was expecting to load
> balance each flow on each link as I am using per-packet approach
> without
> modifying the default has function.

Two ping packets is not enough to effect a load balance across the two
paths, it is very likely that they are indeed hashing to the same path.

Per-packet doesn't apply in this case at all - As we've mentioned several
times now the export load-balance policy you've applied at the forwarding
table is not used in this scenario because the there is only a single
next-hop.  The forwarding-table load-balance policy only applies when there
are multiple equal-cost next-hops to reach a given destination.

Also for future reference, with forwarding-table load-balance policy,
"per-packet" really means "per-flow", as Juniper changed the behavior long
ago with the introduction of the IPII processor (once again, just pointing
this out, but it really doesn't apply in this scenario).

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